Jan 18, 2009

Photo Recap

I was cleaning some pictures out and organizing some albums, so I thought I'd share.

I guess this wall was a national landmark or something.  I didn't know that but this national park 'security agent' let me know.  He sure was in a tizzy!!  Luckily I got off with just a warning. 

This is a famous landmark on the Iceland coast.  This time I was happy 
with just standing there for a picture (Crystal was there).

This was a picture I took about 4 months into Crystal's pregnancy.  The one on the far left is sauerkraut.  If you count that and the pickles (in the back), there are 10 drinks.

This is a cool little building I found north of SLC. 

This is Chloe minutes after her birth; the first picture of her eyes open.

This is a tree that we found on our way to Oregon.  We still have no idea 
how/why all those shoes got on there, but it looks cool.

This is a picture I took about 3 miles above the Y in Provo.  I went on a little biking adventure and ended up dehydrated, sunburned, (pissed as hell), and exhausted.

Somehow when I took this picture of Crystal with my iPhone I took it at the exact right moment to capture the shot of the gun.  

This should be on an anti-caffeine ad or something.  
Relax though - we don't let her drink Red Bull, she just likes shiny things.