Oct 10, 2008

Google Analytics Sign-Up

A few people have asked me how I set up my Google Analytics account, so I recorded a little demonstration for you all.  This video shows how to insert the analytics code snippet into your blog and use analytics to track who comes to your site.

(Full Screen Version download Here)

If there is an interest I will post an explanation of the Analytics webpage and what each section means.

Oct 1, 2008

Gas Money

This semester I am commuting (on the bus) up to the U every Tuesday and Thursday.  It would take about an 1 hr 30 min to drive the 48.4 miles from Provo to U of U, which gives me lots of time to think about things like how much money I save myself by taking the bus instead of driving:

That is how much it takes for a 1-way trip getting 20 mpg at $3.65/gallon (today's average).  Double that for a round trip and double again because I go up twice a week gives: $35.40 / week.

The school semester goes from 25 Aug to 12 Dec.  Take 3 days off for vacation and that leaves 29 trips and a grand total of: $256.65.

 Now I just have to convince Crystal to spend some of that saved money on a commute-related item; like some noise canceling headphones.