Sep 23, 2008

A Brief "Catch-Up"

So, I typed this whole long history up to "catch" people up on my life, but I read it and realized my life isn't that exciting; so here's the (much more exciting) short version:

I was going to school at UVSC

got married

moved to SLC  to go to U of U

Crystal and I had a baby girl named Chloe

and then moved to Provo to work

Now we live in Provo between Seven Peaks and Downtown Provo.  I work full-time for my dad, who owns a mid size consulting company.  I also go to school part time and am due to graduate Spring 2010.


Blogger Crystal said...

I love the goggles!

September 26, 2008  
Blogger Mike & Valerie Hall said...

wow! I haven't heard from you forever! It looks like things are going good for you. You have a very cute family!

October 01, 2008  

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